Automation Applied: Factory Widgets

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       Automation Applied: Factory Widgets

Automation Applied: Factory Widgets

Using desktop widgets to monitor production operations remotely or while working on other tasks.

Category description: PLCs are well-adapted to a range of automation tasks. These are typically industrial processes in manufacturing where the cost of developing and maintaining the automation system is high relative to the total cost of the automation, and where changes to the system would be expected during its operational life. PLCs contain input and output devices compatible with industrial pilot devices and controls; little electrical design is required, and the design problem centers on expressing the desired sequence of operations. PLC applications are typically highly customized systems so the cost of a packaged PLC is low compared to the cost of a specific custom-built controller design.

About source: Launched in 2003 by Summit Media, LLC, Automation World is a monthly publication which covers the latest developments in the automation field. Each issue contains articles in the following departments: Operations & Engineering Skills, Managers & Executives Skills, IT & Networking Skills. Feature articles, safety and security issues, industry news and a monthly Product World roundup are also included with monthly issues, along with one of three quarterly supplements - Industrial Ethernet Review, Packaging Automation Review, and Wireless World Review.

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Internet Protocol for Smart Objects and Next Generation

The IPSO Alliance (“”) announced the successful completion of a multi-vendor IP Smart Object interoperability event.

Automation Applied: Factory Widgets

Using desktop widgets to monitor production operations remotely or while working on other tasks.

Automation Applied: Intelligent Marshalling for Density Management

Using Intelligent Marshalling to manage the desnity of I/O points contained in a cabinet.

Automation Applied: Operations Workflow

Using workflow software to director operator actions and confirm that management is aware of those actions.

Automation Applied: Intelligent Marshalling - Remote Point Changeover

How Intelligent Marshalling allows for remote changing of fieldbus I/O points.

Automation Applied: Energy Management

Using software to monitor energy use and costs in a brewery application. 

Siemens to Acquire Engineering Software Provider Vistagy

Addition of Vistagy software functionalities gives Siemens added capability to address the design and manufacture of products using composite materials.

Frame Grabber Debuts at Vision 2011

At Vision 2011, Matrox Imaging is announcing the Matrox Radient eV-CXP, a cost-effective CoaXPress (CXP) frame grabber derived from the original Matrox Radient family.

Internet Protocol For Smart Objects Meets Interoperability Test

The IPSO Alliance announced the successful completion of a multi-vendor interoperability event demonstrating device and protocol interoperability showing the path to building the Internet of Things.

Industrial Robotics Rises in North America

North American based robotics companies are enjoying one of their best years ever, with orders up 41% through September.

Ethernet Field Wireable Connector with Bayonet Style Housing

TURCK announces a new IP 67 Bayonet Style RJ45/Ethernet field wireable connector, an extension of the company’s popular RJ45 connector line.

Multi-axis Module

The multi-axis module CPX-CMXX is an intelligent technology module for synchronous and coordinated motion solutions based on the Festo CPX architecture.

The Automation Conference Debuts May 22-23 in Suburban Chicago

Summit Media Group announces The Automation Conference - a new event for industrial automation professionals.

Motion and Machine Controllers

Trio Motion has expanded its Motion Coordinator range with two new motion and machine controllers based on the latest 533MHz ARM11 processor - flexibly and economically providing new levels of multi-tasking servo or stepper control for high performance automation.

Pack Expo 2011: V-Series AC Motor Line offers 2x more torque

The new V Series from Oriental Motor uses a gear cut and an extra machining step with the motor’s output shaft, which produces minimal noise. (Approximate Time – 1:05)

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