Varied Leading Indicators Increase Downside Risks

| Category: Process Automation

Varied Leading Indicators Increase Downside Risks

Varied Leading Indicators Increase Downside Risks

The leading indicator input for the future is more varied than normal. Some indicators are throwing off positive signals and other inputs are negative.

Mixed signals from leading economic indicators make it hard to predict when deceleration in the U.S. economy will abate, but positive signs lead ITR Economics to maintain its positive outlook for the economy in 2016.
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Category description: Process automation involves using computer technology and software engineering to help power plants and factories in industries as diverse as paper, mining and cement operate more efficiently and safely. In the absence of process automation, plant operators have to physically monitor performance values and the quality of outputs to determine the best settings on which to run the production equipment. Maintenance is carried out at set intervals. This generally results in operational inefficiency and unsafe operating conditions.

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