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OPC EasyArchiver - Real-Time Data Archiving Solution

Posted 2014-03-16 18:08:19 by Integration Objects

OPC EasyArchiver - Real-Time Data Archiving Solution OPC EasyArchiver has been designed to collect real-time data from various process and data sources connected to your network and archive those data to any database. OPC EasyArchiver mainly provides:
  • Multithreaded archiving, allowing you to configure multiple archivers using different tables and databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access databases or any other database available in your network via OLEDB or ODBC providers.
  • Rules management, allowing you to notify users or manage your archivers based on watchdog tags values monitored on real-time.
By using OPC EasyArchiver, you will have a complete historical record of your process data. The archived data can be used for trend analysis, calculations and reporting. This plug and play product will help you not only increase your data availability but will also empower you with insights about your plant's operations and performance.

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