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OPC DA Products

DataHub Modbus Driver

From Cogent RTS

DataHub Modbus Driver The Modbus TCP feature of the Cogent DataHub provides real-time data exchange between the Cogent DataHub and any Modbus TCP/Ethernet compliant PLC or device. The feature is available in three DataHub products, the DataHub Modbus OPC Server, DataHub Modbus Tunneller, and the Modbus TCP device driver.

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OPC Suite

From Softing

OPC Suite The dataFEED OPC Suite offers a full package of components for OPC communication into a single product. It enables with its integrated PLC protocols the access to the controllers of the leading companies Siemens, B&R, Rockwell, Schneider Electric or Mitsubishi. The integrated OPC Tunnel eliminates the DCOM problems.

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NAPOPC-MB-ALL NAPOPC_ST DA Server is a free OPC DA Server for ICP DAS products. NAPOPC_ST DA Server provides many benefits to users such as reduce time through lower system integration costs, integrate easily with plug-and-play SCADA/HMI/Database, connect and interoperate easily to custom applications, access to data by anyone in the automation hierarchy, reduce troubleshooting and maintenance cost, write to devices synchronously and asynchronously (not possible before OPC).

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UA Server Toolkit

From Advosol Inc.

UA Server Toolkit The Advosol OPC UA Server Toolkit bases on the OPC Foundation OPC UA Communication Stack. It uses the same customization plug-in .NET assembly as the Advosol OPC DA, XML DA and OPC .NET (Xi) server toolkits. With a single development effort users get servers for multiple OPC specifications:
  • OPC UA
  • OPC DA / AE
  • XML DA
  • OPC .

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From Software Toolbox

SLIK-DA Language Independent Kit for creating OPC DA servers (SLIK-DA 5) is an ActiveX control that allows the user to quickly develop custom OPC servers in a variety of environments. As the name suggests, the SLIK-DA allows a user to create an OPC DA compliant server, with an optional UA interface, using simple pre-defined properties, methods, and events.

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OPC Trend Historian

From Prediktor

OPC Trend Historian The APIS OPC Trend Historian is a versatile product for collecting data from OPC compliant servers, storing the information in a high performance time series database, and making the historized information available for OPC compliant clients. In this context a time series is an associative array of numbers indexed by a datetime or a datetime range. The time series are often called profiles, curves or trends.

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APIS OPC UA Embedded Toolkit

From Prediktor

APIS OPC UA Embedded Toolkit APIS OPC UA Embedded Toolkit is an easy and fast way to implement integrated OPC UA profiles on almost any platform. You can either create UA servers and clients yourself, or get Prediktor assistance in doing so. About 50 lines of ANSI C code is all that is needed. See below the effort needed to realize our “OPC UA in a mobile device”. Add plugins to process your driver values. Full OPC UA DA, AC and HA support.

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From Software Toolbox

FactoryKPI FactoryKPIs for Windows deliver easy-to-read, near real time data, such as production rates, energy usage, goal progress, yield, safety, lab, quality, and asset utilization to name just a few. Below are key features and benefits of FactoryKPIs for Windows:
Connects to all your OPC data sources: OPC Servers such as Kepware, Matrikon, TOP Server, Omniserver, INGEAR, Wonderware DA Servers, RS Linx and any OPC DA 2.

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MatrikonOPC Tunneller

From MatrikonOPC

MatrikonOPC Tunneller OPC Tunneller from MatrikonOPC with encryption and data compression, provides an easy, reliable and secure way to communicate between networked computers. It does away with the headaches typically associated with DCOM configuration. No longer are different protocols, security settings or locations a factor when sharing data between computers.

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OPC Classic Toolkits

From Softing

OPC Classic Toolkits The OPC Classic Toolkits are the world-leading software for the quick and easy development of fully compliant OPC clients and servers for Windows, Windows CE, Linux and other operating systems. Using the OPC Toolkits allows the developer to concentrate on his project goal rather than on learning the intricacies of OPC and DCOM.

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From Merz

QuickOPC QuickOPC is a developer tool that provides access to OPC data as OPC client. Has support for widest selection of languages as programming tools like COM (especially scripting tools) and any .NET languages. The code necessary to bring OPC data into any application is as simple as a few lines of code. It is even simpler when using Visual Studio.NET and QuickOPC components.

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OPC StreamInsight Adapter

From Integration Objects

OPC StreamInsight Adapter OPC StreamInsight Adapter empowers its users to collect and monitor real-time data and events with high frequency from multiple control systems and automation data sources. The product includes both an OPC StreamInsight input adapter and a typical .NET output adapter, allowing you to build your CEP applications and integrate them easily to the StreamInsight platform. The input streams events from OPC Servers into StreamInsight and the output adapter handles events to a client application.

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OPC Easy Connect Suite

From Softing

OPC Easy Connect Suite The OPC Easy Connect Suite ensures secure OPC communication across networks and simplifies the commissioning and use of OPC servers and clients. This software optimizes and increases the performance of OPC interfaces and offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface for the configuration of OPC communication.

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OPCpipe Toolkit

From Softing

OPCpipe Toolkit OPCpipe images the functions of the OPC interface, thus opening OPC with all its advantages to a world which was unable to utilize this technology until now. Applications which run on non Windows systems (Linux, Solaris, etc.) can then use a normal TCP/IP connection to access OPCpipe servers which in turn establish the link to the automation components. Each pipe connection requires only one port which means that the connections can also be easily used across routers or firewalls.

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Modbus RTU Serial OPC Server

From Kepware Technologies, Inc

Modbus RTU Serial OPC Server Kepware's 32 bit Modbus RTU device driver works in conjunction with the OPC Server KEPServerEX, to provide data exchange between OPC Clients and Modbus RTU protocol compliant PLCs and Devices. Special handling has been added to support the native memory formats of the Omni Flow computer including string support. Additional configuration parameters allow this driver to tailored to a wide range of Modbus RTU compatible devices including JBUS.

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ODBC Client Driver OPC Server

From Kepware Technologies, Inc

ODBC Client Driver OPC Server Kepware's 32 bit ODBC Client driver works in conjunction with the OPC Server KEPServerEX, to provide single-point access to multiple ODBC data sources via ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity). The goal of ODBC is to make it possible to gather any data from any application, regardless of which database management system (DBMS) is handling the data. Using the power and speed of OPC, KEPServerEX is able to offer ODBC data to any OPC/DDE enabled client.

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From SAE Automation

SAEAUT OPC WebView SAEAUT OPC WebView enables easily visualise data from different devices. Communication with a device is provided by an OPC DA server. An appearance of the application in a web explorer is automatically adapted to the actual configuration of the OPC server address space. When using it together with our application OpcDbGateway, you will be able to visualise data also from more devices, even with those to which you do not have OPC servers.

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OPC Web Alarm.NET

From Open Automation Software

OPC Web Alarm.NET OPC Web Alarm is real-time and historical alarming. Alarm Logging to SQL Server, SQL Server Desktop, Access, Oracle, ODBC, mySQL, and CSV files. 100% managed ASP.NET component providing real-time easy to use ASP.NET WebForm component. This component can be integrated into any ASP.NET 1.1 or 2.0 Web application. Use Visual Studio.NET to create a real-time interface as an ASP.NET Web Application or ASP.NET Web Service.

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From SAE Automation

OPCAdapter OPCAdapter is a software application for processing eventually visualising data from various automation devices of diverse suppliers with communication drivers implemented as OPC servers. For example: programming logical controllers (PLC), various intelligent sensors and actuators. The advantage of the OPC technology is the fact, that it is very wide-spread industry standard.

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OPC WebExplorer

From SAE Automation

OPC WebExplorer SAE Automation OPCWebExplorer enables to access data on various devices over Internet. To communicate with a device it is necessary to have communication driver. There are many communication drivers for various devices already implemented as OPC servers and because of this there are also many various devices which can be accessed over Internet using OPC WebExplorer.

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OPC DA Archiver

From Integration Objects

OPC DA Archiver Integration Objects' OPC Data Access Archiver allows you to interface with several OPC DA servers to access real-time data from various process and data sources connected to your network. Furthermore, OPC Data Access Archiver archives the collected data in any ODBC or ADO-compliant database (such as Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Informix) for further processing.

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OPC Web Trend.NET

From Open Automation Software

OPC Web Trend.NET Open Automation Software present OPC Web Trend is real-time 2D and 3D trending and with OPC Database.NET historical trending for ASP.NET web applications. Includes 100 % managed .NET component that can be integrated into any Visual Studio.NET 2008, 2005, or 2003 web application. Free development and unlimited trend windows to each licensed OPC Systems Service. This component implements AJAX technology to provide real-time data update.

OPC Web Trend.

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MatrikonOPC Data Manager

From MatrikonOPC

MatrikonOPC Data Manager OPC Data Manager (ODM) is a software application that transfers data from one OPC server to another. Use ODM when you need to share, map, and bridge OPC data between two or more control systems (e.g. PLC and a DCS). With ODM this connectivity can be accomplished with standard, off-the-shelf software. Traditionally hard wires connected both inputs and outputs of control systems to transfer such data. This made data sharing complex to setup properly and expensive to maintain.

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ExpressInterface (Xi / OPC .NET 3.0) Converter

From Advosol Inc.

ExpressInterface (Xi / OPC .NET 3.0) Converter The DAtoXi Converter is an OPC DA server that makes one ExpressInterface (Xi / OPC .NET 3.0) server accessible from OPC DA client applications.
The DAtoXi Converter has a simple configuration and makes all DA objects of the Xi server accessible. The DAtoXi configuration can restrict the Xi server access to read-only. If more detailed access restrictions are required then the OXS Exchange Server should be used instead. This converter server has a configuration on item level.

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OPCFailover 2.1

From Jemmac Software Limited.

OPCFailover 2.1 PCFailover is a simple and effective way of increasing the availability of data to your business benefiting OPC Client applications. OPCFailover delivers redundancy without proxy servers, avoiding the complexities they incur. As a testament to the robustness and reliability of the product it's been nearly two years since we released OPCFailover V2-0. Today we're proud to announce the release of OPCFailover V2-1.

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Tofino OPC Enforcer LSM

From Tofino

Tofino OPC Enforcer LSM OPC Classic, based on Microsoft COM/DCOM technology, is widely used in control systems as an interoperability solution, interfacing control applications from multiple vendors. But the DCOM technologies underlying OPC Classic were designed before network security issues were widely understood. As a result, OPC Classic is almost impossible to secure using a conventional firewall.

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OPC Data Logger

From Software Toolbox

OPC Data Logger Collects data from your OPC Servers, and logs it to Databases & Text Files/Excel. You control where to get the data, when to get it, how to format it, and where to store it. Backed by the support and expertise of Software Toolbox, all at an affordable price. Log Process Data To: text files (Plain text (*.TXT), Excel (*.CSV) download tutorial). Log Process Data To: databases, MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, ODBC.

Compatible with
  • OPC DA 2.

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Universal Connectivity Server

From MatrikonOPC

Universal Connectivity Server MatrikonOPC Universal Connectivity Server (UCS) is a single OPC Server that provides connectivity to multiple devices, protocols and APIs. This OPC Server now enables OEM vendors to provide secure connectivity to every major control system and application on the market in one powerful OPC Server.

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XML-DA .NET Server Toolkit

From Advosol Inc.

XML-DA .NET Server Toolkit The XML DA .NET Server Toolkit (XDASrv) implements the OPC XML-DA specification version 1.0.1 in a generic server .NET assembly that is provided in versions for ASP.NET1.1, ASP.NET2 and .NET3 (WCF, the Windows Communication Foundation). The application specific server part is in a .NET plug-in assembly. It handles the device access and is developed using Visual Basic .NET, C# or any .NET compatible compiler.

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LonWorks OPC Server

From MatrikonOPC

LonWorks OPC Server The LonWorks OPC Server from MatrikonOPC provides secure and reliable real-time data access to all devices and routers on any LonWorks network. This LonWorks OPC Server securely communicates Lontalk protocol to LonWorks network to grant you a full control over the Building Management System. For building automation professionals integrating LonWorks networks with HMI's and historians, this OPC Server enables fast and easy access to their data.

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OPC Server for Johnson Controls N2 Networks

From Software Toolbox

OPC Server for Johnson Controls N2 Networks With the PiiGAB OPC Server you can link any HMI/SCADA or customer OPC Client application to building automation system devices that use the N2 and N2 Open protocols. This license provides connectivity for N2 capable devices for an unlimited number of tags. The OPC server acts as a master on Johnson Controls Metasys N2 network consisting of a mix of slave devices communicating using N2 (original Johnson Controls protocol, proprietary) or N2Open protocol.

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DotNova OPC DA Server SDK

From DotNova

DotNova OPC DA Server SDK The DotNova (Technosoftware AG) OPC DA Server SDK (former OPC DA Server Developer Studio .NET) offers a fast and easy access to the OPC Data Access (DA) technology. Develop OPC DA 1.0a, 2.05a and 3.00 compliant Servers with C#/VB.NET or any other compiler capable of generating a .NET assembly. The developer can concentrate on his application and servers can be developed fast and easily without the need to spend a lot of time learning how to implement the OPC Data Access specification.

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KEPServerEX v5 OPC

From Kepware Technologies, Inc

KEPServerEX v5 OPC KEPServerEX v5 is the next generation of Kepware communications technology and represents over 10 man year's worth of development, delivering both architectural and feature enhancements. KEPServerEX v5 is the most advanced communication technology and OPC Server on the market and will remain the foundation for future Kepware development.

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OPC Route .Net

From OPC Systems

OPC Route .Net Transfer data from local and remote OPC Servers to other local and remote OPC Servers. Implement one to one, one to many, and using built in Calculations many to one OPC Item data transfer. Implements .NET Remoting to transfer data from multiple OPC Systems Windows Services, which eliminates the need to use the DCOM Configurator for remote OPC Server access. Runs as a Windows Service and comes with free configuration application to allow on-line modifications from local or remote systems.

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OPC Server for IEC 61850

From MatrikonOPC

OPC Server for IEC 61850 The IEC 61850 OPC Server from MatrikonOPC provides connectivity to any IEC 61850 compliant RTU, IED (Intelligent Electronic Device), PLC, meter, transducer, relay, etc. This OPC Server enables you to monitor and control Electrical Substations and Wind Turbines located far in the fields securely and reliably. It connects to multiple devices at the same time, where the read and write operations with these devices are optimized to deliver the necessary data in time for the protective relaying.

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OMRON Toolbus Communication Server

From Klinkmann Automation

OMRON Toolbus Communication Server The Klinkmann Automation OMRON Toolbus Communication Server (OMRTOOLBUS) is a Microsoft Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP) 32-bit application program that acts as a communication protocol Server and allows other Windows application programs to access data from OMRON controllers using the OMRON Toolbus protocol. The OMRON Toolbus Server communicates with OMRON CS1-series and CJ1-series controllers via serial RS-232 interface, communication speed is up to 115200 bps.

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Omron Toolbus OPC Server

From Kepware

Omron Toolbus OPC Server The Omron Toolbus Driver was designed to plug into our industrial based communications server product. This product supplies reliable data access to any HMI, SCADA, Historian, or Enterprise application that supports OPC, DDE, FastDDE, and SuiteLink. The Omron Toolbus OPC Server is a plug-in device driver for KEPServerEX. A "Plug-in" is a software program (.dll) that extends the capabilities of KEPServerEX to fit the communication requirements of a specific device or system.

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GSM Modem OPC Server 320

From OPCTechs

GSM Modem OPC Server 320 GSM Modem OPC Server 320 follows the standard OPC 3.0 Specification which is suitable in the integration fields. Most of the GSM Modems use Wavecom compatible chips which proviode the same proprietary protocol as Wavecom modem. We provide this OPC Server for the SCADA or the programmers to develop the OPC Client program.
Compliance OPC Specification
Data Access V1.0,V2.05A,V3.0
Alarms and Events V1.1
Data Access Automation Interface Standard V2.

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OPC-Server for JUMO

From OPC Server

OPC-Server for JUMO OPC-server is designed for information exchange with the controller «JUMO IMAGO 500» and registrar «JUMO LOGOSCREEN 500». Production Company - JUMO PROCESS CONTROL INC. ( www.Jumo.net ). Multichannel programmable controller «JUMO IMAGO 500» is used to manage and control processes. Registrar «JUMO LOGOSCREEN 500» used as a paperless recorder of events and values of technological processes. The list of supported devices will continue to grow.

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From OPCTechs

BridgeWorx One of the cornerstone components of the BizViz Suite is BridgeWorX. It performs efficient data exchange to and from any database or data source. BridgeWorX has a unique visual transaction data-mapping configuration wizard, which enables users to transfer information to and from real-time OPC manufacturing devices to corporate business information systems.

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OPC Security Analyzer

From Advosol Inc.

OPC Security Analyzer The OpcSecurityAnalyzer application is designed to help with security permission settings related to OPC DA server access in order to: find why the access to an OPC DA server is denied, check if the the server access is denied for all but the valid users. Local and Remote OPC servers can be browsed and accessed. The User definitions and some other settings can quickly be changed to determine if the access is correctly allowed or denied.

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DataExchange OPC Server

From OPCTechs

DataExchange OPC Server The OPC DataExchange server enables OPC Client applications to share data. Each OPC Client writes to the OPC DataExchange Server. Other OPC Client applications such as SCADA or HMI packages can read the data automatically. In this way, OPC Clients can pass data from one to the other. For example, a custom VB (Visual Basic) application can write to OPC DataExchange Server and an off-the-shelf SCADA system can automatically receive the OPC update.
  • Compliant with OPC Data Access 1.

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Adcon addUPI-OPC Server


Adcon addUPI-OPC Server The new Adcon addUPI-OPC Server supports all OPC clients using the OPC-DA interface. Data collected by an addUPI Server (A840 Telemetry Gateway or addVANTAGE Pro Server) is passed on to the OPC client through the addUPI-OPC Server. The implementation of an Adcon specific protocol (addUPI) to communicate with the RTUs or the setup of a file transfer system to import data into the SCADA system are no longer needed.

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From Inavare

OPC to WEB With the SASS WEB CLIENT your business process is managable via web. This includes all data of your OPC devices, which are connected via a live communication interface. The data transfer from OPC devices to the SASS WEB CLIENT has a very low latency, so inavare offers the fastest Multi-Plattform-Solution on the market. The inavare SASS SERVER is connected to your OPC driven hardware via the SASS OPC DRIVER.

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AB OPC Server


AB OPC Server INGEAR AB OPC Server is a single solution OPC Data Access Server for Allen-Bradley controllers and networks. When you first launch the INGEAR Allen-Bradley OPC Server, you'll find it the most intuitive and easy to use data access server. A single mouse click and the server can automatically configure itself from an RS5000 (*.L5K) program. Or let the server walk you through the steps.

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OPC servers for PLC and I/O Communications with VB Client

From ConsoliTech Corp.

OPC servers for PLC and I/O Communications with VB Client The Visual Basic solution for PC to PLC communications. OPC servers do all the communications between a PC and the PLC. OPC clients tag named objects receive event driven updates from the server. Either use the register variable data in your code from our included general client control or use our numerous other client controls(push buttons,gauges, etc.) to develop your application.

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Modbus compatible OPC Server

From Automated Solutions

Modbus compatible OPC Server Automated Solutions OPC Servers offer the most reliable, cost effective and comprehensive features list available in the OPC/HMI market today. Our servers are compatible with all local and remote OPC Clients such as major HMI applications, SCADA systems, ActiveX Controls, and custom built (VB, VC++, etc.) applications.

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Web HMI OPC Client

From Merz

Web HMI OPC Client Web HMI OPC Client is a revolutionary new approach to access and integrate OPC data. It works natively with Visual Studio.NET and ASP.NET. Integration of OPC to custom application is as easy as a few lines of code. There are extensive examples available. Web HMI OPC Client can deliver on-line OPC data to HTML pages running in MS Internet Explorer, Pocket Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox and other web browsers.

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From SAE Automation

SAEAUT SNMP OPC Server Basic The common way for managing industrial and network devices is to run SNMP manager on a workstation while SNMP agents run on devices themselves. In order to be able to integrate the network management into various HMI and SCADA systems with implemented OPC clients, it is very useful to incorporate SNMP manager into OPC server application.

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From Software Toolbox

INGEAR OPC Server INGEAR OPC Server solutions allow you to connect your Allen-Bradley, Modbus, GE, and Omron PLCs to your enterprise systems. By leveraging the openness of OPC, you can connect your PLCs to existing HMI/SCADA applications, 3rd party OPC Client applications, as well as Custom OPC Client applications. INGEAR OPC Serves are OPC Compliant, and OPC Interoperability tested, and were some of the first OPC Servers to become commercially available back in the late 90's.

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From IOServer Australian Company

IOServer IOServer is a tool allows OPC clients such as HMI (Human Machine Interface) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems to exchange plant floor data with PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers). IOServer supports various protocols and interfaces (OPC, DDE, XML). Features:
  • Supports TCP/IP, UDP/IP or Serial (Direct, Telephone Modem or Radio) I/O
  • Master and Slave protocol implementation.

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OPC Scada Viewer

From Agg Software

OPC Scada Viewer OPC Scada Viewer allows you to easily and very visually display data received via the OPC interface. Data is displayed in real time, which allows you to use the program for permanent control and monitoring in various systems. OPC Scada Viewer offers a lot of indicators for displaying the values of OPC tags, from simple analog pointer indicators to charts and diagrams. It is possible to customize every indicator separately for your needs.

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From Olejek

ODBC to OPC The idea is to formalize access to data in various databases and presenting them in a OPC format. Setting tags is to indicate their names and parameters read from the database as an indication of the fields and conditions, all the rest happens automatically.

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dOPC Clone

From Kassl

dOPC Clone dOPC Clone is more than a normal OPC server simulator. With dOPC Clone you can now create copies of other OPC DA servers, which allows you to emulate any OPC server with no need for an underlying communications network. dOPC Clone allows full emulation of other OPC DA servers. This will vastly improve your OPC system development, configuration, and demonstration. dOPC Clone solves the common problem of not always being able to connect to a "real" OPC server to work with.

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Prosys OPC UA Java SDK

From Prosys OPC

Prosys OPC UA Java SDK Prosys OPC UA Java SDK enables efficient development of OPC UA clients & servers. Typically OPC UA is used for data acquisition, process monitoring, device diagnostics, etc. The components allow you to concentrate on the application design instead of implementing the actual OPC communications. This will reduce the required time and cost of your own development. The reliability and usability of the components has been verified and the components take care of important communication details.

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OPC to Database [OPC2DB]

From Prosys OPC

OPC to Database [OPC2DB] Prosys OPC to Database [OPC2DB] is a Windows application used for logging data from OPC servers to databases. OPC2DB is designed for ease of use and reliability in operations. OPC logger with unlimited number of OPC connections, OPC items, Database connections, Database tables. OPC2DB can be run in Windows operating system, which has any Edition (Express, Workgroup, Standard, Enterprise) of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 installed, along with ADO database drivers.

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uForte OPC Server (DA, AE and HDA) Development Toolkit

From uForte

uForte OPC Server (DA, AE and HDA) Development Toolkit uForte OPC DA,AE,HDA Server for Custom Data (ufOPCSvrCust) is a tool for rapid development of OPC DA, AE and HDA servers. Users of this product don't have to read OPC specifications at all to make their own OPC servers. All the mass of the OPC details is encapsulated inside this product. The only thing a user has to know is how to interact with his hardware using C++, VB or C#. Efficient algorithms implemented in ufOPCSvrCust allow to handle many thousands of OPC items on moderate computers.

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OPC Client SDK & OPC Server SDK

From Prosys OPC

OPC Client SDK & OPC Server SDK Prosys Sentrol is a leading OPC Client and Server SDK (software development kit) enabling efficient and reliable OPC application development. Sentrol is available for the Windows rapid application development tools, Embarcadero Delphi and C++ Builder. Sentrol is tested for OPC Compliance, which ensures that your applications built with Sentrol, will also be compliant to the OPC specification and interoperable with other OPC applications.

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OPC DA Client Developer Studio .NET

From Technosoftware AG

OPC DA Client Developer Studio .NET The OPC DA Client Developer Studio .NET provides a complete .NET VB/C# and Delphi application framework which includes methods and tools for fast and easy development of OPC Data Access clients. OPC DA Clients can be developed fast and easily without the need to spend a lot of time learning how to implement OPC Data Access. Most of the OPC and (D)COM handling is already done by the client framework. The client API is easy to use and often used functions, e.g.

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Smart OPC Test Clients

From Advosol Inc.

Smart OPC Test Clients Smart Clients are Windows Desktop applications that can be OnceClick deployed from a web server. After the initial download the applications can be used locally. With an existing web server connection the version is checked at application start and the application is updated if a new version is available. Smart clients combine the advantages of Desktop and Web applications, rich user interface and simple deployment/maintenance.

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VTS OPC Server

From Trihedral

VTS OPC Server VTS has an extensive library of third-party device drivers that allow it to communicate with monitoring and control hardware from a wide variety of manufacturers. For some I/O devices however, a direct driver is simply not available. In these cases, OPC can be an effective alternative. OPC is a common, high performance, communication protocol that enables the transfer of process data between I/O devices of different manufacturers without the need for custom-written drivers. VTS version 8.

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From Campbell Scientific, Inc.

PC-OPC : CSI OPC Server The CSI OPC Server uses the OPC standard interface to allow third party OPC compatible graphics packages to view data from the LoggerNet server. This software provides a simple browse interface that allows you to easily select the values you want to display. It also allows you to view input locations, final storage data, and LoggerNet communications server statistics as well as perform control operations.

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OPC Server SDK

From Integration Objects

OPC Server SDK OPC Server SDK is a Windows DLL (Dynamic Link Library) that enables you to easily create DA, DX and HDA servers. The OPC Server SDK implements all required and most of the optional OPC Data Access interfaces for 1.0a, 2.0 and 3.0 DA standards, the OPC Data eXchange interface for DX standard and OPC Historical Data Access interfaces for 1.1 and 1.2 HDA standards. Using this API, the server application is able to collect data directly from one or many OPC DA, HDA and DX servers at once.

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AlarmOPC Logger

From Prosoft

AlarmOPC Logger The server application, designed to save alarms (OPC Alarm and Events) in the database (DB) format OPC A & E. Meets all requirements of the structure and security of stored data, you can subscribe to the A & E server, browsing areas subscription. As a database using any SQL server having ODBC (OLE DB) driver. Has a WEB interface for configuration and settings.

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TrendOPC Logger

From Prosoft

TrendOPC Logger The server application - server backup, designed to preserve the values of real-time OPC tags (OPC DA )in the historical values database (OPC HDA). Clear interface makes it easy to choose the signals for logging using predefined algorithms for archiving, specify thresholds, the frequency of the signals in the database. TrendOPC Logger supports all SQL Server with ODBC (OLE DB) driver standard used by Microsoft SQL 2000.

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From Prosoft

AlarmOPC The client application is approved for display alarms (OPC Alarm and Events) in the form of a table with freely configurable settings column, by dynamic display through the WEB, it is possible to subscribe to A & E server, browsing areas subscription, powerful search engines / filtering, the individual task of colors and sound alerts for different types of events, print output.

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AlarmOPC Server

From Prosoft

AlarmOPC Server The server application, designed to create alarm in the format A & E (OPC Alarm and Events) on the basis of values of real-time OPC tags. The application interface allows you to set various conditions for the emergence of anxiety, as well as to divide the events by category. The program implements a mechanism to subscribe to A & E events, provided by A & E customers. OPC tag browsing, powerful search mechanisms are implemented / data entry.

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From Prosoft

TrendOPC The client application designed to display the values of real-time OPC tags (OPC DA) and historical values of OPC tags (OPC HDA) in the form of graphs, by dynamically displaying tag values through the WEB, there browsing OPC DA and OPC HDA tags, scaling along the axes, an indication of any time intervals, the individual task of colors, save the current settings / display timetable, cookies, output to print. Read more...
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OPC .NET client development component

From Advosol Inc.

OPC .NET client development component OPC client development component for .NET (DotNet) OPC DA client applicationsOPC client development component for .NET (DotNet) OPC DA client applications. The OPCDA.NET component provides .Net classes and methods take advantage of the .NET features and make OPC DA Server access real simple and highly efficient. The OPC DA functions are provided as methods with easy to use .NET friendly interface. Visual Studio .

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OPC Server for M-BUS

From CAS

OPC Server for M-BUS The M-Bus (Meter Bus) is a standard protocol for reading process data from counter devices such as heating, water, gas or electrical energy meters. OPC Server for M-BUS powered by CommServer allows sharing data from any unit meeting M-Bus specification. M-Bus bus has been designed to fulfill some special requirements like remotely supplying a communication module (it is essential not to take any energy from the main counter unit that is usually supplied from a battery).

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CommServer UA

From CAS

CommServer UA CommServer UA - redundant, multi-protocol, multi-channel OPC UA server for large scale distributed systems-software installation package. CommServer UA is a software package to manage data transfer. Built-in technologies and algorithms provide an intelligent data transmission that automatically adapts its parameters to the user’s or process needs.

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Gray Simulator

From Graybox software

Gray Simulator Gray Simulator is an OPC Server that can be usefull in OPC Client applications debugging. This OPC simulator is fully compliant with OPC Data Access 1.00, 2.05a and 3.00. Gray Simulator provides any OPC Client application with simulated COM and DCOM based communications. Use the Simulator to test compliance of any OPC Data Access compatible HMI, SCADA or custom application. Gray Simulator is freeware. You can download and redistribute it with your products without any license limitations.

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Excel OPC Server

From Process IT Development

Excel OPC Server Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for data analysis and reporting. The Process IT Development Excel OPC Server is a combined OPC Server and OPC Client, designed to serve data from Excel spreadsheets. It provides: OPC DA 3.0 Server supports reading and writing of Excel data. There is a one-to-one mapping between an OPC item and an Excel Sheet/Cell. Macro Execution - the OPC server can be configured to run macros defined in the Excel spreadsheet on a regular basis.

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OPC Automation Wrapper

From Graybox

OPC Automation Wrapper Graybox OPC Automation Wrapper is a DLL-module, in which all of the needed OLE-objects are implemented. After registering this module, you will be able to use any OPC Data Access Server with almost any OLE enabled programming language (Visual Basic, VBA, etc). The automation interface provides nearly all of the functionality of the required and optional Interfaces in the OPC Data Access Custom Interface.

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OPC-TCP Toolkit for QNX and Linux

From Nautsilus

OPC-TCP Toolkit for QNX and Linux OPC-TCP Toolkit is a toolkit for fast development of a communication program providing link between MS Windows-based OPC-Server and a QNX/Linux-based application. This application receives data from controller and communicates with MS Windows-based OPC-Server. As there are many Windows-based SCADA-systems and OPC Standard has wide recognition from SCADA-developers, all up-to-date controllers need OPC support. The package was created to make OPC Server development fast and inexpensive.

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OPC DA Server Toolkit

From Software Toolbox

OPC DA Server Toolkit OPC DA Server Toolkit is ideal for the product developer planning to provide OPC Data Access connectivity in their product offering. Toolkit users cut valuable time off development schedules. If you already have the protocol stack or API for your device or system, an OPC server can be developed literally in a matter of days using the toolkit.

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OPC DA Server Toolkit for WindowsCE

From Northern Dynamics

OPC DA Server Toolkit for WindowsCE The OPC Data Access Server Toolkit for Windows CE comes with everything you need to create and access a Windows CE-based OPC data access server. A TKDA-CE build for your SDK exposes a C++ object- oriented programming model through a DLL (dynamic link library). Your application links to the DLL to create an out of process OPC data access server. TKDA-CE is based on our field-proven and robust server toolkit for Windows desktop operating systems (98/NT/2000/XP).

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OPC Data Logger

From Software Toolbox

OPC Data Logger When you need to continuously gather and log data, the Software Toolbox OPC Data Logger provides you with a number of ways in which you can specify just how to collect it. You can subscribe to data points allowing you to simply log their values when their values change, or you can setup timers which cause a fresh-reading to take place allowing those fresh readings to be logged. Get data when you need data.

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OPC DA ActiveX v.1.2.3

From Integration Objects

OPC DA ActiveX v.1.2.3 OPC DA ActiveX from Integration Objects is an ActiveX control that implements all required and optional OPC interfaces for OPC 1.0a, 2.00 and 2.05a Data Access specifications. This control can be embedded within the most popular ActiveX containers. This easy-to-use tool simplifies OPC Data Access client development and makes it faster. Indeed, it effectively helps developers to overcome COM and the OPC Data Access specification complexity.

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OPC DataHub v.6.4.9 for Windows

From Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc.

OPC DataHub v.6.4.9 for Windows Cogent Middleware is a set of complimentary software products that work together to provide data connectivity between Windows, Linux and QNX applications. The OPC DataHub is a real-time data transfer mechanism that offers multiple simultaneous connections to DDE, OPC, TCP, Web, ODBC and MATLAB.

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OPC DA Explorer v.1.1.1

From Integration Objects

OPC DA Explorer v.1.1.1 OPC Data Access Explorer from Integration Objects allows you to simultaneously interface with several OPC DA servers so you can access and monitor real-time data from the various process and data sources connected to your network. With the OPC DA Explorer, you have the ability to monitor your data changes in real time which provides you with the tools needed to supervise your process plant at any moment of the day.

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OPC Server for Modbus v

From MatrikonOPC

OPC Server for Modbus v The MatrikonOPC Modbus Interface provides connectivity to Modbus compliant devices such as any PLC, RTU, DCS, etc. This server connects to multiple devices using one or more protocols at the same time. Each read/write with the devices is optimized to maximize throughput. This server has been tested with hardware from vendors such as ABB, Emerson, Honeywell, Koyo, Schneider (Modicon), Triconex, Yokogawa, and many others.

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ASUTP OPC Toolkit 2.7

From ASUTP Plus

ASUTP OPC Toolkit 2.7 Asutp OPC Toolkit read/write data from various devices and give access and interface for OPC clients and its tags. Also possible read|write tags in database (throw SQL server) and grant access to OPC clients to this variables. Programm functions: OPC server functionality, poll devices over ŃÎĚ port, users drivers (*.dll), SQL server functions, address space variables configuration, Modbus protocol support.

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OPC Client Kit

From OPC Labs

OPC Client Kit OPC Client Kit is feature-rich and robust set of library code and components for consuming OPC data. With OPC Client Kit, your OPC Client will automatically support following specifications: OPC Data Access 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, OPC Alarms and Events, OPC Universal Architecture (under development). Tested for compliance with standards and interoperability. Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 development environments. Custom code in native C++, or in combination with any .NET language.

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Advanced OPC Data Logger

From AGG Software

Advanced OPC Data Logger You may be a professional hardware or network designer, or a college student making his first steps towards a professional career, or a gifted technology lover illuminated by a new bright technical idea and looking for a handy utility for fine-tuning your software application. Whichever the case may be, look no further than Advanced OPC Data Logger, for it may well satisfy all of your technical needs.

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OpcDbGateway v3.10.03

From SAE - Automation

OpcDbGateway v3.10.03 OpcDbGateway represents a software product that can be categorized as a SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). The basic feature is the data acquisition from external devices (sensors, actuator, programmable machines...), data processing, data storage in process databases and files, delivery of processed data to other applications.

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MatrikonOPC Explorer v.

From Matrikon OPC

MatrikonOPC Explorer v. MatrikonOPC Explorer is a full featured OPC client designed to help during installation, testing, and configuration of OPC compliant servers.

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Softing OPC Toolbox

From Softing

Softing OPC Toolbox The Softing OPC Toolbox is the worlds most widely used tool for quickly and economically developing OPC clients and servers for Windows, Windows CE and Linux. The OPC Toolbox ensures a fast timeto-market for your OPC products, while regular tests at the interoperability workshops of the OPC Foundation guarantee 100% OPC compliance. The latest version 4.

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OPC Toolbox 2.1.3

From MathWorks

OPC Toolbox 2.1.3 The OPC Toolbox extends MATLAB and Simulink with tools for interacting with OPC servers. You can read, write, and log OPC data from devices that conform to the OPC Foundation Data Access standard, such as distributed control systems, supervisory control and data acquisition systems, and programmable logic controllers. The toolbox enables MATLAB and Simulink products to respond to an OPC server- or OPC Toolbox software-initiated event, such as a shutdown, server error, or item value change.

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OPC Client .Net

From Open Automation Software

OPC Client .Net OPC Server to use with unlimited local and remote OPC Clients for OPC Systems.NET data. Use any Data Access 2.0x or 3.0 OPC Client to connect to local and remote OPC Servers through .NET communications, eliminating the need for DCOM. Each OPC Systems Service can communicate to Data Access 2.0x and 3.0 OPC Servers, Windows .NET and web applications through OPC Controls.NET, databases through OPC Database.NET and OPC Recipe.NET, and pocket PC applications through OPC Mobile.NET.

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Toolbox OPC Power (TOP) Server

From Toolbox OPC

Toolbox OPC Power (TOP) Server The TOP Server works with a large variety of Automation Software. This gives you the flexibility to connect to your hardware systems and bring that data back to almost any software system you might need to meet your business goals. When you buy a TOP Server License you get all the TOP Server built-in features.

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OPC Time Monitor v.2.54

From OPC Labs

OPC Time Monitor v.2.54 OPC Time Monitor provides valuable timing data about your factory. Ever wondered how much time the product can spend sitting on the belt before it proceeds to the next manufacturing step? Or the average daily time your output valve is open? Or how long the boiler temperature was above the normal range? All this information, and much more, can be easily obtained by using the OPC Time Monitor.

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Quick OPC v.3.03

From OPC Labs

Quick OPC v.3.03 QuickOPC is a revolutionary new approach to access OPC data. It is an ideal tool to publish OPC data on the web or integrate OPC connectivity to custom applications. QuickOPC gives unbelievably short code to access OPC data. In addition, using a complex heuristic algorithms to optimize itself on the fly, QuickOPC provides the most efficient, fastest access to the OPC data.

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PROFIBUS OPC Server & Configurator

From Softing

PROFIBUS OPC Server & Configurator The PROFIBUS OPC Server gives you quick and convenient access to PROFIBUS DP and PA devices from any manufacturer. The configurator helps you put DP-V0 and DP-V1 networks into operation.
  • Quick and convenient access to DP and PA devices from any manufacturer
  • Supports all OPC client-enabled software incl.

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Netlistener OPC-Server

From Somebytes

Netlistener OPC-Server The Netlistener OPC-Server is a convenient network monitoring tool. It provides status data on network devices through ICMP, SNMP. The server allows supervising device processes (watchdog) and provides the operator with the CPU load data as an OPC variable. In addition it shows the CPU load of the host computer. Netlistener helps you to: - detect Ethernet errors early. It provides a transparent Ethernet. - Supervision of various network loads and applications.

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S7/S5 OPC Server

From Softing

S7/S5 OPC Server The new version of S5/S7 OPC server from Softig gives you fast and convinient access to process data in S7-200, S7-300 and S7-400 and WinAC controllers, in C7 and M7 units as well as S5 and VIPA controllers.

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Modbus/TCP OPC Server

From Softing

Modbus/TCP OPC Server The Modbus/TCP OPC Server offers quick and convenient access to the I/O registers and coils of any Modbus/TCP device or control system. The OPC Server is easy to operate, extremely powerful and can be flexibly assigned both as a Modbus client and server.
    It offers the following advantages:
  • Quick and convenient access to any Modbus device or control system via Ethernet
  • Supports all OPC client-enabled software incl.

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MatrikonOPC Server for Modbus

From Matrikon OPC

MatrikonOPC Server for Modbus MatrikonOPC Server enables OPC-access to all your favorite Modbus devices. For those integrating Modbus devices with HMI's, historians, and other OPC-enabled applications, the OPC Server for Modbus does it all. Unlike other OPC drivers, this MatrikonOPC Server is tried and true; it has been used in thousands of installations all over the globe. It supports multiple connection types and is available at an unbeatable price.

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ADAM 4000/5000 OPC Server

From OPCTechs Technology Corporation

ADAM 4000/5000 OPC Server ADAM 4000/5000 OPC Server 320 was developed by OPCTechs Technology Corporation in July. 2008. According to the standard OPC 3.0 Specification, we developed the packaged software for our customers especially in the automation fields. It is suitable in the integration fields in every walk of life. ADAM 4000/5000 serial proprietary communication protocol was presented by Advantech Corp. All of the ADAM 4000/50000 series controller are suitable for using this OPC Server.

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Beijer Electronics OPC Server

From Beijer Electronics

Beijer Electronics OPC Server Beijer Electronics OPC Server ensures connection to all major brands and types of automation equipment on the market. The OPC server can be connected to an unlimited number of devices simultaneously, using one or more protocols. Automation devices such as inverters, servo systems, and PLCs of different brands can be connected thanks to the wide variety of protocols in the OPC server.

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OPC Client Framework C++ for Linux

From Technosoftware

OPC Client Framework C++ for Linux The OPC Client Framework C++ for Linux provides a complete C++ application framework which includes class libraries and tools for fast and easy development of OPC Data Access and OPC Alarms&Events clients. OPC Clients can be developed fast and easily without the need to spend a lot of time learning how to implement OPC Data Access and OPC Alarms&Events. Most of the OPC and (D)COM handling is already done by the client framework.

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Hart OPC Server

From Metran

Hart OPC Server Metran OPC Server work with various devices throw Hart protocol.

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E+H OPC Server

From Endress-Hauser

E+H OPC Server This OPC Server was developed in order to enable access to data from Endress+Hauser devices. This data is made available to OPC clients in real time. Communication is made either by using an RS232/RS485 interface or a TCP/IP connection. The operating language is English.

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