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DataHub Modbus Driver

From Cogent RTS

DataHub Modbus Driver The Modbus TCP feature of the Cogent DataHub provides real-time data exchange between the Cogent DataHub and any Modbus TCP/Ethernet compliant PLC or device. The feature is available in three DataHub products, the DataHub Modbus OPC Server, DataHub Modbus Tunneller, and the Modbus TCP device driver. When combined with other DataHub features, each of these products provides the ability to fully utilize data from multiple Modbus devices, for example:
  • Create a Modbus OPC Server (unlimited connections to slave devices).
  • Database connectivity to read and write Modbus data .
  • Implement slave-to-slave Modbus bridging (automatic message size optimization).
  • Write Modbus data to Excel.
  • Create Email and SMS Notification based on Modbus data
  • Flexible data point configuration

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