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NAPOPC-MB-ALL NAPOPC_ST DA Server is a free OPC DA Server for ICP DAS products. NAPOPC_ST DA Server provides many benefits to users such as reduce time through lower system integration costs, integrate easily with plug-and-play SCADA/HMI/Database, connect and interoperate easily to custom applications, access to data by anyone in the automation hierarchy, reduce troubleshooting and maintenance cost, write to devices synchronously and asynchronously (not possible before OPC).Using SCADA/HMI/Database software program, system contacts and obtains data from NAPOPC_ST DA Server either on the same computer or on another computer. SCADA/HMI/Database makes a request and NAPOPC_ST DA Server fulfills the requestby gathering the data of ICP DAS modules and third-party devices to SCADA/HMI/ Database. NAPOPC_ST DA Server is an out-of-process OPC Server which provides an Explorer-style user interface. The left side region of IDE is the tree type structure showing equipments in the Device/Group/Tag tree structure; the right side region is the attribute description for each Group and Tag, all the attributes even those hidden in the setting up dialog box can be displayed in the table, clearly and conveniently. The up side region is a tool icon bar for the functions often used, user can see the graph to know the function of that icon and directly select the needed function.

ICPDAS Product Support
  • ICP DAS I-7K/I-8K/I-87K I/O modules
  • ICP DAS Ethernet I/O
  • ICP DAS FRnet Remote I/O
  • ICP DAS ZigBee modules
  • ICP DAS Embedded Controllers which support Modbus protocol
  • ICP DAS WinCon/WinPAC
  • ICP DAS XP-8000/XP-8000-CE6

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