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Applicom OPC Server

[Download, 1,447.87Kb]
Posted 2010-04-13 11:44:25
The applicom OPC Server is an OPC Data Access (DA) compliant server that enables data exchange between OPC clients and a broad range of device manufacturers through networks such as: Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus, Serial, Modbus Plus, WorldFIP, etc. applicom OPC Server supports multi-protocol feature: it can manage up to 30 different protocols simultaneously. So with just one OPC connection, your client applications can access simply and transparently to all major control systems on the market. applicom OPC Server provides Real-Time Data Access. It takes benefits from our powerful

interface cards concept: embedded multitask kernel, on-board protocols management, multiprocess and multithread access drivers. This multithread structure ensures to OPC server an optimized parallel access to each applicom card and to benefit fully from all protocol communication performance. applicom OPC server also includes an automatic mechanism to reduce network traffic and to optimize data collection.


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