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Unified Automation

Unified Automation Unified Automation offers products and services in the field of standardized communication in automation industry and beyond. Based on OPC Unified Architecture technology we offer a cross-platform software development framework to enable vertical information integration for application providers, from embedded device manufacturers up to enterprise application developers. Unified Automation’s products enable companies to easily build, deploy and integrate standard communication technology.


Matrikon MatrikonOPC provides equipment data connectivity software based on the OPC standard. The MatrikonOPC promise is to empower customers with reliable data access to all major automation vendors’ systems, provide practical OPC training and deliver superior client care. MatrikonOPC builds close relationships with its customers to best address their business and technical needs.

OPC Training Institute

OPC Training Institute OPCTI is the largest OPC training company in the world. OPCTI offers hands-on OPC training both in-person and online. Unlike other companies that offer vendor-biased information, OPCTI focuses strictly on training and does not sell its own products. OPCTI's comprehensive workshops provide automation professionals with a proven training program that enables them to quickly establish a robust and secure communication infrastructure.

Open Automation Software

Open Automation Software Open Automation Software is a US corporation providing HMI and SCADA software products for automated systems to customers worldwide since 1993. Our main focus is providing the latest technology solutions for our manufacturing and OEM business customers for open platform HMI and data acquisition applications. We have many distribution and service centers located around the world to help your company reach it's product goals.


Softing Softing, a member of OPC Europe and the Technical Advisory Council of the OPC Foundation and author of the Book "OPC – From Data Access to Unified Architecture," actively contributes to the success of OPC by providing high quality OPC products that enable their customers to stay in the lead.

Softing is one of world's first providers of OPC development tools.

SAE - Automation

SAE - Automation SAE - Automation is an independent software vendor established in 1995 in Slovak republic - central Europe. The company offers programming services for PC, PDA and microcomputers as well as commercial off-the-shelf software and consulting in the industrial communication. It is voting member of the OPC Foundation. SAE - Automation has developed multiple custom OPC servers, communication drivers, database applications and configuration applications.


Prosys Prosys is a leading provider of OPC software and services. Among the first products in the world and as the first OPC software development toolkit Prosys Sentrol OPC rapid development framework received OPC Foundation interoperability tested certificate in Interoperability Workshop 2006 (N?rnberg). Sentrol includes components for both OPC Client & OPC Server development. Other products include Prosys OPC to Database, Prosys OPC Client and Prosys OPC Simulation Server.

OPC Labs

OPC Labs OPC Labs develop advanced software based on OPC technology. They are an independent software vendor, established in 2001 in Czech Republic, Europe offering commercial off-the-shelf software, as well as custom programming services and OPC consulting. OPC Labs have developed multiple custom OPC servers for complex protocols, custom OPC clients, and combined OPC client-server tools with computational capabilities.

Kepware Technologies

Kepware Technologies Kepware is the world leader in communication software for automation and offers unique experience in both OPC and embedded device communications. Since 1995, Kepware has focused on the development of communication drivers to automation controllers, I/O and field devices. Kepware's unique driver architecture combined with industry and third party vendor standards ensure Kepware's ability to deliver state of the art and ideal fit solutions for industry leading automation suppliers.

Inductive Automation

Inductive Automation Inductive Automation pioneered the first full-featured web-launched HMI/SCADA system in the world. Its standards based, database-centric architecture receives accolades from plant managers, IT managers, and system integrators worldwide. With a commitment to software quality and technical support second to none, Inductive Automation is at the forefront of industrial software.

Integration Objects

Integration Objects INTEGRATION OBJECTS is a global company that over the last decade has built and maintained a strong reputation as a leading systems integrator and solutions provider for automation and plant process management, decision support, knowledge management and connectivity solutions.

Software Toolbox

Software Toolbox Since 1996, Software Toolbox has been a leading provider of software components to over 10,000 manufacturing end users, system integrators, and OEMs in 90 countries that help them maximize their results when using industrial automation software applications.


OPCTechs OPCTechs Corp. was established in 1999. The members in the automation fields are more than 20 years. We specialize in OPC Server development and device-communication technologies for the industrial automation market. We also provide the integration solutions for our customers around the world. OPCTechs provides stable OPC Server with fully OPC compliance functions for Windows and WinCE. Our OPC Server can integrate more than 250 devices and still increased.


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