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SAE - Automation

SAE - Automation SAE - Automation is an independent software vendor established in 1995 in Slovak republic - central Europe. The company offers programming services for PC, PDA and microcomputers as well as commercial off-the-shelf software and consulting in the industrial communication. It is voting member of the OPC Foundation. SAE - Automation has developed multiple custom OPC servers, communication drivers, database applications and configuration applications. Products OpcDbGateway, SAEAUT SNMP OPC Server, OPC Adapter and OPC Explorer enable to solve broad range of tasks in monitoring and control technological processes, equipments, I/O devices, network infrastructure, and visualization on desktop or over web.
Sady Cyrila a Metoda 21/18
Novi Dubnica, Slovakia
Telephone: 421-0-42-445-07-01
Fax: 421-0-42-445-07-02
E-mail: sae-automation@saeautom.sk
Website: http://www.saeautom.sk
OPC Foundation Member since April 2005


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