OPC EasyArchiver

OPC EasyArchiver : Integration Objects

OPC EasyArchiver allows to interface with several OPC DA servers to access real-time data from various process and data sources connected to your network and archive those data to any database.
OPC HDA Server Enterprise

OPC HDA Server Enterprise : Integration Objects

OPC HDA Server Enterprise from Integration Objects is a PC-based software application that is designed to give your OPC HDA clients full access to archived data collected by the supported database systems.

PI OPC DA/HDA Server : OSI Soft

PI OPC DA/HDA Server is an OPC server for OSI Software's PI data archives. It implements the OPC Data Access (DA) standard 2.05a, and the OPC Historical Data Access (HDA) standard 1.2, supports browsing, synchronous and asynchronous reads, read on change, and both writes and deletes.
OPC HDA Server for MS Access

OPC HDA Server for MS Access : Integration Objects

OPC HDA Server for Microsoft Access from Integration Objects is a PC-based software application that shares historical data through OPC HDA thus enabling your OPC HDA Client to interface with your Microsoft Access databases.
2012-06-12 23:10:35

OPC-UA Renders Traditional OPC Tunnelers Obsolete

Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) has been deprecated for years now but it still rears its ugly head, particularly when dealing with OPC servers on remote machines. This led to the rise of OPC tunnelers as a solution, whereby the travails of dealing with DCOM and its associated security vulnerabilities were addressed. But now, two Ignition gateways can do the the same thing, but better, by leveraging OPC-UA. The cost is next to nothing.
2012-05-25 10:46:52

OPC as a transformational industrial technology

The OPC Foundation has been working to help solve communication and connectivity problems between plant and factory floor devices and host systems and applications since 1995. Virtually every end user, OEM and automation supplier employs OPC standards, such as OPC Data Access (OPC DA), OPC Alarms and Events, (OPC A&E), and OPC Historical Data Access (OPC HDA), to establish communications and connectivity between disparate devices.
2012-01-08 15:31:57

Get closer to history with OPC

Offline analysis of historical process data is an integral part of process optimisation and production tracking. OPC helps maximise the return on process history investments by providing a standardised mechanism for collection of real-time process data and by enabling scalable multivendor and distributed historical analysis solutions.
2011-08-09 11:10:16

OPC-UA on automated control system in the future

If your company is dedicated to being more connected, more informed, and more efficient, OPC-UA will play a critical role in your system’s future. With a wide range of products now on the market, you might consider making the jump sooner rather than later. Here are a few ways that OPC-UA can already play a critical role in improving your company’s control systems, and why it’s bound to be a major player in the automation scene in the near future.
2011-05-09 21:06:24

OPC Unified Architecture infrastructure for the future

There are a growing number of great embedded innovations and technologies today, including BlackBerry phones, iPhones, iPads, embedded human machine interface (HMI) panels, intelligent building automation, and security devices. There are also great innovations and technologies available enabling interoperability, including wireless networking and cloud computing.
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OPC HDA, what a blessing! by Eric Murphy

I read a posting on a new industrial software blog with the title “OPC HDA, what a bummer!” (Thanks for the lead Tom!) The post was mainly a lament about Microsoft COM, and I usually try to avoid linking flamebait, however the author said he couldn’t see any reason to use OPC HDA if SQL exists.

Question about OPC HDA by Jeremy Eves

HDA stands for Historical Data Access and is a separate standard than OPC DA and A&E. Most PLCs and other real-time data generating devices would not have an HDA OPC server available because the real-time data would be feed using OPC DA and then stored into some sort of a process historian.

OPC HDA Server by swesley

Question: I create 2 projects OPC DA server and OPC HDA server using WTOPCSvr.dll and WTHDASvr.dll (www.win-tech.com products). OPC DA work very good. ClearSCADA connect to OPC DA server and read tag values. I use Creat->OPC->New Server, New Scanner and New Analog. I try connect to OPC HDA with the same, i.e. Creat->OPC->New Server, New Scanner and New Analog.

Trend graph on Excel data by Rudi

What we currently have: a historian with an OPC HDA server on top. The historian allows us to do calculations (on history data) but these need to be configured in the historian. The standard trending tool allows the users to do ad-hoc calculations (just put a formula where otherwise a tag is entered) but this desktop tool is to expensive to be installed on every PC.

How can i retrieve data from ODH (OPC) by Wassim Daoud

We currently have CPM (OPC control performance monitor) OI (operational insight) and ODH (OPC desktop historian). In CPM we are monitoring instruments, but it usually shows via OI as a trend of values. I would like to know if possible we can retrieve the values of the instrument as raw data. i,e, like the values per the update rate in a table in excel or something similar.


SCADA- OSI PI Connectivity by G. Burnikell

We have numerous SCADA systems talking to PI using OPC. For real-time systems where the SCADA has no historian we typically use the PI OPC-DA Client, whereas if an historian is present with the SCADA system we will use PI OPC-HDA client. Typically your SCADA system will have an OPC server converting your native PLC protocols to OPC.

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