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Welcome to news.linuxscada.info, useful source for everything related to OPC DA technology. OPC DA consists of a standard set of interfaces, properties, and methods for use in process-control and manufacturing-automation applications. OPC DA provides a common interface for communicating with diverse process-control devices, regardless of the controlling software or devices in the process. You may read also the OPC FAQ.


New Kepware’s KEPServerEX 5.9

Posted 2016-05-04 07:54:41 by Kepware

New Kepware’s KEPServerEX 5.9 Kepware is introducing a new Electronic Flow Measurement Exporter Plug-in with two new associated communication drivers, and a new Wellsite Information Transfer Specification (WITS) Level 0 Driver. These new offerings in the KEPServerEX v5.

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OPC Day Europe 2015

Posted 2015-05-09 14:11:45 by OPC Foundation

OPC Day Europe 2015 This OPC Day conference will be held at the Microsoft Conference Center, Le Campus in Paris. The conference will feature OPC Unified Architecture experts and users from a number of industries. Catering will be included during the conference sessions. For those who are new to OPC Unified Architecture (UA), there will be a Pre-Conference on Tuesday morning which will cover the basics of the technology, a look at security and how to get started with OPC UA.

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OPC EasyArchiver - Real-Time Data Archiving Solution

Posted 2014-03-16 18:08:19 by Integration Objects

OPC EasyArchiver - Real-Time Data Archiving Solution OPC EasyArchiver has been designed to collect real-time data from various process and data sources connected to your network and archive those data to any database. OPC EasyArchiver mainly provides: <ul> <li> Multithreaded archiving, allowing you to configure multiple archivers using different tables and databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access databases or any other database available in your network via OLEDB or ODBC providers.

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Software Toolbox Product First to be Certified for OPC UA Client Development

Posted 2014-03-15 18:09:54 by Software Toolbox

Software Toolbox Product First to be Certified for OPC UA Client Development Software Toolbox announced that its OPC Data-UA toolkit is the first to be certified by the OPC Foundation for OPC UA client development. It provides users with relief from common DCOM interoperability issues as well as increased control over security. OPC’s Certification Test Lab puts products through a set of rigorous and defined tests required by OPC certification test specifications.

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TOP Server Version Released

Posted 2013-07-03 17:39:01 by Software Toolbox

TOP Server Version Released TOP Server Version Released. Made many enhancements to the built-in User Manager, added support for user groups, added support for the import/export of user and user group information. Added new Event Log messages to report. Stopped the OPC UA server from returning invalid items in a browse request. It is now consistent with OPC DA item browsing behavior.

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OPC DA Products

DataHub Modbus Driver

From Cogent RTS

DataHub Modbus Driver The Modbus TCP feature of the Cogent DataHub provides real-time data exchange between the Cogent DataHub and any Modbus TCP/Ethernet compliant PLC or device. The feature is available in three DataHub products, the DataHub Modbus OPC Server, DataHub Modbus Tunneller, and the Modbus TCP device driver.

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OPC Suite

From Softing

OPC Suite The dataFEED OPC Suite offers a full package of components for OPC communication into a single product. It enables with its integrated PLC protocols the access to the controllers of the leading companies Siemens, B&R, Rockwell, Schneider Electric or Mitsubishi. The integrated OPC Tunnel eliminates the DCOM problems.

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NAPOPC-MB-ALL NAPOPC_ST DA Server is a free OPC DA Server for ICP DAS products. NAPOPC_ST DA Server provides many benefits to users such as reduce time through lower system integration costs, integrate easily with plug-and-play SCADA/HMI/Database, connect and interoperate easily to custom applications, access to data by anyone in the automation hierarchy, reduce troubleshooting and maintenance cost, write to devices synchronously and asynchronously (not possible before OPC).

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OPC DA Articles

OPC-enabled software and high-performance Web-based HMI applications

Posted 2011-03-15 23:40:37 by Cogent Real-Time Systems

OPC-enabled software and high-performance Web-based HMI applications Latest generation of OPC-middleware from Cogent RealTime Systems permits high-performance Web-based HMI applications with point-and-click screen editing, real-time integration, millisecond data update rates, fast screen refreshes, and high-quality graphics. As the world continues moving towards the Web, and pulls the industrial automation sector with it, we are demanding better quality Web-based HMIs.

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OPC DataHub helps integrate data for $10 billion project

Posted 2010-11-28 17:29:10 by OPC DataHub

OPC DataHub helps integrate data for $10 billion project Situated on an island in the St. Lawrence River, the City of Montreal in Quebec, Canada has been blessed with an abundant supply of water. Yet ensuring that clean, fresh water reaches the city's millions of residents every day requires constant attention. In 2004 the City of Montreal embarked on a 20-year, 10 billion dollar project to upgrade the quality of drinking water production and distribution in the city.

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Safe and Secure with OPC Technologies

Posted 2010-09-12 17:27:38 by Eric Murphy, MatrikonOPC

Safe and Secure with OPC Technologies With the prevalence of information technology and the drive towards having information readily available from any location, many previously isolated control systems are more accessible.The drive to reduce operational costs and improve performance has led control system vendors and critical infrastructure owners to move towards standardized technologies, operating systems, and protocols such as Ethernet, Microsoft Windows and OPC.

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Getting OPC Security Under Control

Posted 2010-08-26 15:20:31 by Eric Byres

Getting OPC Security Under Control There is no question OPC DA has provided a tremendous benefit to the automation and controls industry. OPC, which stands for Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) for Process Control, is the original name for a set of specifications developed in 1996 for industrial automation integration. OPC Classic refers to all versions of OPC prior to the more recent OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA).

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Compare OPC DA, OPC Xi and OPC UA standards

Posted 2010-08-24 17:09:06 by OPC Foundation

Compare OPC DA, OPC Xi and OPC UA standards OPC DA (Data Access) is a group of standards that provides specifications for communicating real-time data (or historical data with OPC HDA) from data acquisition devices such as PLCs. There are three attributes associated with OPC DA tags: value, the quality of the value and timestamp. This is the first standard resulted from the collaboration of a number of leading worldwide automation suppliers working in cooperation with Microsoft.

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OPC DA Materials

OPC Toolbox Classic June,13 2012
SAEAUT OPC WebView October,04 2011
OPC Unified Architecture book September,14 2010
OPC and DCOM Setup June,23 2010
Applicom OPC Server April,13 2010
PLCSIM OPC Server 1.2 April,13 2010
Active OPC Server 1.6 March,05 2010
IO Server March,04 2010
OPC Scada Viewer March,04 2010
dOPC AE Client February,03 2010
dOPC Clone February,03 2010
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